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Clay Stafford Book SigningClay Stafford’s writing career has been as varied as his interests. Over the past 40 years, Clay Stafford has seen his work published in over 14 languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies of his books in the United States alone. He has written everything from articles to poetry, essays to novel adaptations, TV series to feature films, nonfiction books to live theater, and – as an editor – he has facilitated the release of several PBS companion books that accompanied national series. His work has won the Parent’s Choice Silver Honors, Aurora Awards, a Davey Award, the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence, and received four-stars from Children’s Video Magazine, among others.




A Sample List of Clay Stafford's Writing Credits

A Sample List of Clay Stafford's Screenwriting Credits

  • JEFFERY DEAVER'S XO – THE ALBUM, music composition, twelve-song country/pop album, American Blackguard Records, lyrics from the bestselling thriller / mystery novel "XO," songs from the novel are eventually used to fictionally capture a ruthless killer.
  • WOMAN ON THE MOON, short story, Cool Springs Press, "A young girl discovers meaning in something she lost." ISBN: 1-888608-36-6
  • UNCLE ELBERT AND THE RED HAIR RIBBON, Short Story, Cool Springs Press, "A young girl visits her Uncle in a nursing home and discovers love." ISBN: 1-888608-72-2
  • SPARE KEYS, poem, originally published in Rural Heritage, The Evener, "Humor on a keychain." ISSN: 0889-2970
  • TWO YOUNG SOULS, Poem, Originally published in The Tennessean and later by Cool Springs Press, "A grandmother and grandchild see truth in clouds." ISBN: 1-888608-72-2
  • LUDIUS, LUDUS!, poem, originally published in Troubadour Le Poète Lyrique, "Man's march through history." ISBN: 0-9671703-1-1
  • THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, retelling of story by Mark Twain, Dalmatian Press, ISBN: 1-40370-594-1
  • WHITE FANG, retelling of story by Jack London, Dalmatian Press, ISBN: 1-57759-539-4
  • THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, retelling of story by Kenneth Grahame, Dalmatian Press, ISBN: 1-40370-600-X
  • ONE OF THE MIRACLES: THE INGE MEYRING SMITH STORY, drama, feature-length documentary, American Blackguard Entertainment, “The woman Hitler’s Holocaust tried to destroy became the light of learning to thousands of underprivileged children.”
  • RICHLAND HEIGHTS, drama, TV series, previously optioned, Sony Pictures Television, “Power from the boardroom to the bedroom.”
  • MICHAEL, drama, TV movie, PBS, "A troubled boy seeks acceptance from the wrong crowd."
  • CROSSROADS, docudrama, TV movie, PBS, "Teens discuss pressures and the consequences of their actions."
  • PATTERNS OF POWER, documentary, PBS, "A look at the history and culture of Florida's Seminole and Miccosukee Indians."
  • ESQUIRE MAGAZINE TRAVEL GUIDE: CALIFORNIA, documentary / travel guide, Esquire Magazine, "A travelers guide to California." Written under the pseudonym "John Mariani."
  • ESQUIRE MAGAZINE TRAVEL GUIDE: FLORIDA, documentary / travel guide, Esquire Magazine, "A travelers guide to Florida." Written under the pseudonym "John Mariani."
  • ESQUIRE MAGAZINE TRAVEL GUIDE: NEW YORK, documentary / travel guide, Esquire Magazine, "A travelers guide to New York City." Written under the pseudonym "John Mariani."
  • TELL ME WHY: THE CHILDREN'S VIDEO ENCYCLOPEDIA FLIGHT - VOLUME XIX, educational, Penguin Productions, "How planes and rockets work." Written under the pseudonym "Roberta Bendell."
  • MARINE DIESEL ENGINE MAINTENANCE, documentary/instructional, Bennett Marine, "Repair and maintenance of diesel engines."
  • WHAT'S THE STORY?, TV series pilot, PBS, "An in-depth look at the ill-fated journey of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland."
  • A ZIEGFELD EXTRAVAGANZA, docudrama, PBS, "The bio of the original dance ensemble and its creator, Florenz Ziegfeld."

For a more complete listing of credits, please visit Stafford’s bibliography and filmography pages.